Fuller House, a new hit in Hinsdale


Grace Erwin

Once the old hardware store, Fuller’s House offers a variety of plates and ambiance all students can enjoy.

Fuller House is a fairly new restaurant that was put in place of the old hardware store located at 35 E. 1st St. in Hinsdale. Ever since it opened, it has been a hot spot for people of all age groups.

Personally, I have been to Fuller House several times. I always had great service and a pleasant experience. Many other people felt the same way, and continue to dine at Fuller House due to the wonderful atmosphere and exceptional service.

“My waiters and waitresses have always been nice,” said Caroline Malloy, sophomore. “Although I feel like I wait for a long time.”

The long wait time was the most popular, and one of the only complaints, among diners at the restaurant. Other than that, the only other complaint I heard was the price.

“I felt like the food was a little expensive, and that would be the reason I wouldn’t go too often and pay for myself,” Malloy said.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant was loved by the guests. There were TVs all around playing various sports games, and tables spaced out well.

“Fuller House was a very enjoyable place to be and eat,” said Ray Wohlever, senior.

The menu has a wide varieties of options, from burgers to salads.

“I’ve gotten a cheeseburger, grilled cheese, and big pretzel from there before, but my favorite was the cheeseburger,” Malloy said. 

Anyone could be satisfied with their menu, and everyone can find something they like. Although they have many choices, the burgers seem to be a fan favorite.

“I got an avocado cheeseburger, which was amazing,” Wohlever said.

There is a valet in front of the restaurant, but if you choose to park yourself, there are very few spaces. Since it is in the heart of Hinsdale, it is extremely busy no matter what time of day.

Also there isn’t much of a waiting area at all. If you are waiting for a carry out or it is to busy to get a table right away, you have to just wait outside. It is very tightly packed, but once you get a table you feel like you have enough space.

The noise level is pleasurable, and nothing is too distracting. As I mentioned, it was a nice place to be if you like a tavern kind of restaurant. It was loud and there was music and TVs, but I personally liked it.

If you would like to go to Fuller House, call 630-573-1653 and make a reservation, or just show up and enjoy your meal; I know I did.