Activities to do this Halloween


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There are plenty of safe and fun ways to celebrate Halloween despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying in this Halloween? Here are some fun activities you can do while staying safe!

Pumpkin carving contests are fun ways to to showcase your creativity and compete with friends. (Courtesy of Eat This, Not That)

1. Pumpkin Carving Competition

Get a small group of friends or family together and compete to see who can carve the best pumpkin. Choose from a variety of characters from various TV shows, or even carve one another! Afterward, either vote among the group or post to social media to see who wins! For some extra motivation, there could also be a prize like a gift card or Halloween candy.

“I [carved pumpkins] and it was so much fun. We all competed and voted to see who had the best pumpkin,” said Megan Lu, junior.

     2. Scary Movie Marathon

Get together with either the same group as before or a different mix of people and watch some scary or Halloween themed movies and television shows! Some channels playing Halloween marathons are Freeform, Disney, and Syfy. A great addition is to also eat some Halloween treats while viewing…

There are plenty of fun Halloween recipes available online. (Courtesy of All Recipes)

3. Halloween Treats

Before you watch movies, it’s a great idea to make some snacks. You could roast some pumpkin seeds or make some cute cupcakes or cookies. It could also be turned into a competition of who’s treat tastes or looks the best!

If your group of friends isn’t into baking, many stores like Whole Foods and Jewel Osco offer cupcake decorating kits.

     4. Costume Trade

Buy costumes for one another! A few days before your get-together have your group pick names out of a hat, secret-Santa style. Then, exchange sizes with one another to buy your costume in. Whoever draws a name, has to buy them a costume! At the get-together, exchange and put on the costumes to see what your partner chose for you.

“This would be a  fun idea. It’d be cool to see what my friends would pick for me,” said Anna Kinnas, junior.

Although haunted house are closed, you can create your own at home! (Courtesy of Print With My Pic)

    5. DIY Haunted House

Decorate your house or a room with spooky decorations to scare your friends, maybe even have “actors” inside to scare them. Lead them through the homemade haunted house to see who gets scared first.