Ways to pass the time this spring season


Angela Tian

As we’ve now entered spring, students can take advantage of the weather and partake in more activities.

Finally, spring weather is upon us and I encourage everyone to make the most of it. If you have extra time this spring or are looking for things to do with your friends, here is a list of six fun activities. 

Go thrifting

Lots of people are in the habit of cleaning out their wardrobe come spring cleaning time. I urge you to clean out and donate as well, but another plus to this trend is thrifting. Visit a local Goodwill or Salvation Army and spend time looking through the racks. If you have a good eye, you may spot a new wardrobe gem. Thrifting is not only affordable and sustainable, but a fun pastime when you’re bored. 

I’ve gotten some of my favorite sweatshirts from thrift stores like Goodwill,” said Kristina Sherpitis, senior.

As the weather is getting better and better, many students have been enjoying activities in the city. (Lily Ging)

Go to the city

It can be easy to forget that we live only twenty minutes away from one of America’s greatest cities. Chicago has so much to offer especially as the weather has warmed up. Grab a few friends and go to one of Chicago’s many parks, restaurants, or museums. There are even several days that Chicago museums offer free admission

“My friends and I went to the beach this past weekend and even though the lake was really cold, we still had a lot of fun,” said Jia Sunkara, senior. 

Watch the sunset 

Now that winter days are behind us, the sun is beginning to set much later and more vibrantly. There are several nearby locations that have beautiful views of the sunset. Many Hinsdale Central students have been known to view the sunset at Maple Lake or the parking garage at Oak Brook Mall. Watching the sunset with friends always ushers great conversations along with spectacular views. 

Have a bonfire 

Enjoy a friend’s backyard this spring with a bonfire. Bonfires are always best when accompanied by marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. If smores aren’t your thing, maybe you would like to grill some burgers or hotdogs and listen to music. This is a great way to gather friends and catch up with each other. 

Go on a walk or bike ride 

Spend as much time outside this spring as you can. The weather has been perfect and nature has been beautiful. Enjoy the paths of Fullersburg Woods, Waterfall Glen, or Smith Woods. You won’t be too hot and you can enjoy an active activity. Go with friends or use this as time alone to reset yourself. 

“My boyfriend and I went on a bike ride at Waterfall Glen,” said Angela Tian, senior. “It was so pretty and the weather was so nice that day.”

Get ice cream 

It is starting to be the right temperature for ice cream again. Grabbing a tasty treat on a spring night is one of the best simple pleasures. I recommend Tasty Treat in Westmont or Highland Queen in La Grange. Highland Queen reopened on April 1st this year and it is my personal favorite as I love eating outside there and playing cards with my friends.

Students visit the planetarium on April 12 during one of their free entry days. (Lily Ging)

Whether you choose to eat ice cream or study the planets at the Adler Planetarium, I hope you find time between AP and final exams studying to do something fun this spring.