New year, new resolutions

It’s January and time to ring in the New Year. To start off 2013 right, many students made New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few:

“To be more active and go to Life Time four times a week to get my spring break body on” -Lindsay Wallace, junior

“To tweet at least once a day” – Jayne Jiganti, senior

“To have less than 200 friends on Facebook” -Cooper Orler, junior

“To have more people following me than the amount that I follow on Instagram” -Alex Harvey, senior

“To finish up our Dubstep album produced by Meghana Shownkeen” -Annmarie Kuzel and Doug Wilson, juniors

“To go gluten-free” -Annie Adamczyk, junior

“To pay it forward. Do random acts of kindness for people” -Sheila Nedrow, cafeteria staff

“To stop biting my nails” -Melissa Mortimer, senior

“To not have a New Year’s Resolution because I never follow through” -Grace Tate, senior

“To get in shape” -Lily O’Neill, freshman

“To try to be kinder and less quick to judge” -Mrs. Pam Kalafut, Student Activities Director

Good luck to everyone in pursuing their New Year’s Resolutions.