The week leading up to the crowning


Courtesy of Dan Jones

The Homecoming Court after Friday’s pep rally.

Sydney Thayer and Emma Bauschard, Contributors

“My favorite part of homecoming week was probably the excitement. Throughout the entire week everyone was happy, everyone was hyped up,” Nash said.

“The dress-up days were fun. I loved wearing the suit through the halls,” Demirjian added.

Another special part of the eventful week was the planning and performance of the skits. The pair said they threw out many different 80s ideas before they came up with their final skits, which they presented with their partner in front of the entire school during the pep rally, Sept. 15.

While homecoming week is filled with awaited tradition, Demirjian said the week was still filled with some surprises.

“I didn’t even know we had a parade until a week before,” Demirjian said. “I’d never heard of it, so my first year participating in it I was sitting on a cadillac throwing candy at kids.”

Both king and queen agreed that they were honored to be chosen. However, they emphasized that it wasn’t winning king and queen that counted, but the entire homecoming experience and the people they spent it with.

“The entire court was just so awesome and I felt that it didn’t even necessarily matter who got chosen as king and queen,” Nash said.  “This is our last homecoming, our senior homecoming, and we’re all doing it in style.”