Perfect outfits to wear to any Thanksgiving party


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Sweaters are a great, easy, and warm option for people who want to feel confident yet comfortable at their Thanksgiving dinner.

Lots of people have different opinions on how they should dress to their Thanksgiving dinners. Some like to pick a very simple outfit, while others prefer to go all out and dress up more formally.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate, while giving thanks to each other. Most people struggle and stress out to find an outfit appropriate for this special occasion. Here are some different outfit ideas you can wear to your Thanksgiving dinner.


The first outfit is a pair of jeans you can get from Express, Shein (online only), H&M, and many more. Jeans are if you’re going for a more casual look and don’t want to overdress. For the top, you can choose to wear any sweater of your choice. Some sweaters you can buy are from Urban Outfitters.

This outfit can be an option if you’re going for the casual look for your Thanksgiving dinner.

“For Thanksgiving with my family I normally wear a simple outfit with jeans, boots and a sweater,” said Emma Stewart, junior.


To make this look more putting together I suggest wearing a dress that you can get from stores like Brandy Melville, or even Forever 21. For this outfit, in order to not be cold, you could wear a jacket over the dress to make the outfit look complete. The jacket has the teddy jacket style that you often see influences wearing. 

Urban Outfitters Website
A red dress you can wear if you want to be dressy. You can wear a white shirt underneath to make the outfit look presentable.

This is a good choice to wear with a jacket because it puts the outfit together and it’s very trendy. If you don’t like to wear a jacket over it, you can choose to wear a shirt underneath, preferably white. For shoes that go with all the outfits, I would recommend the Jadon Dr. Martens. 

“For Thanksgiving, I would wear a velvet dress topped off with boots,” said Emeri Sana, senior.  


This type of outfit is really in right now and it consists of striped pants, a crop top (can be any color), and topped off by a cardigan with four different colors: brown, cream, beige, and navy. Make sure all the colors match with each other so that the outfit looks presentable. You can definitely take off the jacket or change the top to your liking. 

Urban Outfitters Website
This outfit can be one of your choices for a trendy outfit that you can wear during your dinner.

“I like to wear a black turtleneck sweater and some sort of plaid skirt with tights and knee-high boots,” said Pranika Kumaran, senior.

Overall, these outfits are what would fit the casual/dressy choice for a Thanksgiving dinner, for either a friends giving, or a regular family dinner.