Midnight Rave hosts second annual Cypher Central

Central’s break dancing group, Midnight Rave, hosted a dancing competition for high schools around the area.

“About a year ago, I got the idea to start Cypher Central. After seeing how so many other schools had similar competitions. I figured, why not Central,” said Junior Benjamin Kim, the student in charge of the competition.

Some of the groups that competed for the $80 prize came from schools including Naperville Central, Naperville North, York, Nequa Valley, Wabounsie Valley, Niles West and Elgin.

“Bboy Ram from Chicago Tribe took the event. The amazing thing is, he didn’t have a partner and wiped everyone out,” Kim said.

In addition to gaining the monetary prize, the winner qualified to participate in the Wisconsin Wars.  “The WI Wars is a huge event in Wisconsin—actually, one of the biggest. It’s very prestigious,” Kim said.

The event was judged by Bboy Leo, Leo Romney from  the Kill Switch Crew, Bboy Rhyno, Rinel Tabamo  from the Giant Robots Crew, and Bboy Voodeux, Corey Dillow from Chicago Tribe. Music was provided by DJ Sek One.

All proceeds stemming from admission costs, T-shirt sales, and concession sales were donated to the Families Helping Families charity, which works with the PTO to assist struggling families in the DuPage community.

“To those who are not familiar with break dancing, I encourage everyone to come and check it out. It’s very exciting. Even if you’re just watching, the excitement still gets to you,” Kim said.