Variety Show provides excitement and awe


Alex Herbst

Blair Wilder sings in the 2016 Variety Show which did a two day show on Jan. 20 and Jan. 21.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the opening night of the annual Variety Show, opened its doors at a fitting 7 p.m. Up the stairs to the auditorium, students, parents, and teachers arrived to see the talent of Central, which included dancing and singing to name a few.

The opening act included a camaraderie of senior boys that excluded Spencer LaMountain from their group, unless he could show his worth by performing recruitment activities. Once accepted, all of the guys performed a routine to a compilation of 90’s boy-band hits.

Eamon McMahon and Eric Foley close out the show fashionably.
Seniors and social chairs Eamon McMahon and Eric Foley close out the show with jokes.                                                                                 Alex Herbst

Other highlights included junior Frankie Barreda performing as Frankie B in her original song “Queen“. With help from her friend Zach Wols, their act proved solemn and relaxing, juxtaposed to the prior and subsequent acts including “Trap Queen” and a dubstep dance by sophomore Jacob Becker.

The Variety Show did a second night on Thursday, Jan. 21 to another full crowd.