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Dear fingernails

Dear fingernails

Colette Conway, Contributor November 1, 2021

Dear fingernails, I’m sure for the past 17 years you have wondered what it’s like to see over the tips of my fingers. I know you are insecure about your length, and I'm sure the face of...

Dear hair

Dear hair

Emilee Biondi, Contributor November 1, 2021

Dear My Hair, You were so beautiful. So long. So healthy. Something I always wanted I finally had. My only goal for myself throughout my whole life was to have you. And I ruined it in one day. “Oops,...

Dear slow drivers

Dear slow drivers

Pavel Antipov, Contributor November 1, 2021

Although you may be driving safer than I am, I still need to get somewhere on time. I am a very cordial person and need to be on time. Even when I don't need to be somewhere at a certain time,...

Avoid letting the small things get you down.

Dear pessimists

Emma Elliott, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear pessimists, Hi, how are you? Wait let me rephrase that...why are you mad at the world today? Is it because the coronavirus is still going on or that the weather is just too cold - maybe something...

Dear NG tube shoved down my throat

Dear NG tube shoved down my throat

Grace Dolci, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear NG tube shoved down my throat,   You saved me, yet I still strongly dislike you. When I think about you I get goosebumps and the hair on my arms stand straight up. I was never supposed...

One student reflects on the importance of refs but why more accountability is needed.

Dear NFL

John Demakis , Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear NFL, We need to have a little chat. Year after year it feels like the quality of officiating is only getting worse and worse. Whether it comes to the consistency of enforcing certain “judgment...

A student doordasher reflects on the job.

Dear Doordash

Clay Cutinelli, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear Doordash, Since becoming a dasher in August of 2020 I always tried my best to ensure a quick and easy delivery. I’m sorry to say I have failed in doing so multiple times. One time I recall using...

With much of school happening online, students reflect on why homework is detrimental.

Dear homework

Ella Cibinski, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear Homework, Being a high school student, I hear your name everyday. It spills out of the mouths of teachers, friends, and family. You believe you help students practice and understand certain concepts...

A letter to the COVID-19 virus from a high school student.

Dear COVID-19

Evan Chatterjee, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear COVID-19, In short, you suck. You have gone a bit too far. You’ve taken too much. You have crossed the line. In one year you have taken nearly three million lives. It is time for you to pack...

Reflect on what makes you feel better, even if its your water bottle.

Dear water bottle,

Lainie Brixie, Contributor March 18, 2021

Dear my water bottle, Sorry for dropping you so much, I promise I don’t mean it. You are always in my backpack or in my hand wherever I go. You definitely promised to keep my water cold for 24 hours...

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