Dear Doordash



A student doordasher reflects on the job.

Dear Doordash,

Since becoming a dasher in August of 2020 I always tried my best to ensure a quick and easy delivery. I’m sorry to say I have failed in doing so multiple times. One time I recall using the in-app navigation that you provided but somehow ended up dropping the food off at the wrong place. I was ecstatic to be blessed with a happy customer that yelled at me like an erupting volcano at me for three minutes asking why I would drop her food off at the wrong building. I then was hit with a 1-star review which just really made my day. On top of that, you then proceeded to threaten to fire me after receiving such a low rating.

I would like to thank you for giving me every Jewel order that’s available even when I decline and tap the “I don’t want to pick up from this store” button. Personally driving at least 15 miles for a Jewel order to be paid only $7 is a bit of a downgrade than driving four miles to make $10 at some other restaurant but once again that’s just me. Not to mention for those Jewel orders it usually takes at least 15 minutes to load up all the groceries into your car which just wastes time. Then again you hold me accountable for declining these orders by lowering my acceptance rate which I appreciate.

In my experience, I have had situations where the customer realizes there is an item missing from their order. Being a dasher my job is only food delivery, not food preparation. I just go from point A to point B. Some customers fail to understand this perplexing concept and proceed to complain to me and ask why their food is missing. I tell them to contact Doordash customer support who really does a great job at responding at the fast pace of 20 minutes. While the customer patiently waits for support some will immediately give me 1 star because that was obviously my fault for forgetting an item.

I can’t stress enough how generous you are when you up the pay by $4 when there are extreme weather conditions like a huge storm or blizzard. Driving in those conditions can be very unsafe but you really inspire some people to take the unnecessary risk to deliver food for the extra pay. It is almost as if someone gets in an accident the extra money will help cover 2% of the total cost of the damage. I do feel I’ve failed as a driver because I have never actually driven in these conditions.

I can’t get over the fact that some of the stores you send me to make me wait in a long drive-through line to pick up the food. I thought you wanted me to make a quick pickup so the food wouldn’t go cold and keep the customer waiting but I guess whatever works for the store works for you. If somehow you could make it so I didn’t have to wait in the long drive-through lines I feel that it could possibly be beneficial because I might have more time to do other deliveries.

As I continue on my journey as a dasher I couldn’t be happier to have to deal with you on a constant basis. It really seems that the problems I have with you never fully go away which I always hope the next update will fix you. Actually no, you are perfect, it is me that needs the fixing as I should be putting in more effort into bettering myself as a dasher.