Stressing about the Early Action deadline?

Frazzled seniors walk the halls, sleep-deprived and anxious. It’s that time of year again, Hinsdale Central. Early Action applications are due the beginning of November, and high school seniors everywhere are scrambling to perfect their essays, answer each school’s short answer questions, and turn in test scores for the acceptance to the school of their dreams.

Some Central seniors such as Dina Haveric remarked on this time, calling it “the epitome of a bad time.”

“Your weekend’s totally gone and you’ve barely made any progress three hours later,” Haveric said in regard to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign application.

Other seniors feel pressured in the same way. Carson Tabachka, senior, feels that the consistent overload of similar questions makes for a difficult application process.

“It wouldn’t even be that stressful if you didn’t have to answer the same questions with each application,” Tabachka said.

Even with this hyper-stressful time, and as repeated as each application feels, some seniors gave their personal routines for a smooth and only semi-stressful application process before the big Early Action deadline.  

Five tips from Central students for reducing stress before the deadline:

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy, balanced meals
  • Get some nights of very good sleep – anywhere from 7-9 hours will do wonders for you
  • Talk to someone – they’re likely to understand how you feel!