With homecoming in the bag, what’s next for varsity club


courtesy of Catherine Dolan

When they’re not planning activities for students, varsity club members take time to have fun in places like the Bean in Chicago.

Varsity club recently organized one of the biggest school-wide events, homecoming, but the club looks forward to what’s to come in the dance’s aftermath. 

While homecoming may be what the club is most well known for, it is certainly not its only project. Club President Kathryn Howdakowski, senior, said that making sure club members know that there is so much more to Varsity club is definitely one of her main concerns.

Ms. Stephanie Hiffman, club sponsor, said, “Homecoming is just the biggest [project], but it is certainly by no means the only and not necessarily the most important.”

However, the club’s efforts in production of homecoming should not be downplayed. Howdakowski attributes Varsity club’s contributions to homecoming as being “everything you see.”

With school starting earlier this year, Varsity club had to rush to adequately prepare for the dance. 

“Varsity club basically plans the entire homecoming and I feel like people don’t actually realize that there are students spending three (or more) hours on decorations the day of homecoming,” said Sabrina Leon, club member.  “I was at school decorating from 11 a.m. to around 3:30 p.m.”

For students who put long hours into the making of homecoming, they were rewarded by a successful dance. “We had a big crowd; we had a big turnout (at the dance),” Ms. Hiffman said.

Despite homecoming being a large part of the club’s agenda, there are other activities throughout the year to keep members occupied. Although it has not been finalized, Varsity club representatives have stated that they are working on something to celebrate Halloween. Each year the club also organizes American Education week for the staff members.

One of the club’s other big events and their only charity project is Clubs that Care. The event involves other clubs, and its goal is to help families in need during the holidays by purchasing gifts for family members unable to do so for themselves. courtesy of Catherine Dolan

“It is really nice to give back to the community and see families who are thankful for their gifts, and that we got to make an impact on those kids,”  Hodakowski said.

Many of these activities are not as obvious as homecoming since much of the work happens behind the scenes. 

“I think there is something to be said for wanting to put that much work into something that doesn’t have the same prestige tied to it as like student  council or senior class board,” Ms. Hiffman said.

As for those already nostalgic about this year’s homecoming dance, students can look forward to the upcoming winter dance that Varsity club organizes as well.