Girls’ gymnastics coach Kim Estoque is awarded coach of the year


Ellie Ursillo

Coach Kim Estoque received the title of IHSA girls gymnastics coach of the year for 2021-2022.

Coach Kim Estoque was voted IHSA girls gymnastics coach of the year for 2021-2022. Coach Estoque has been coaching at Central for nearly 32 years. 

Before she became a coach, Estoque was a gymnast and recognized athlete herself.

“I know she has been doing gymnastics her whole life and was on the Canadian elite team,” said Audrey Austin, senior. 

To earn the recognition of coach of the year, coaches throughout Illinois must nominate potential winners. 

“In Coach Estoque’s case it was through the Illinois Gymnastics Coaches Association,” said Dan Jones, athletic director. 

Part of why Estoque likely received this nomination is that she throws herself wholeheartedly into the position of coaching, which led to her taking a few girls to state last year. 

“My favorite part about coaching has been getting to know the girls and making an impact in their lives,” Estoque said. 

For the players who have had Estoque as a coach, the experience has been a memorable one.

“Coach Estoque is never discouraging to the team, she always uplifts us, and truly wants the best for us individually as well as a whole,” Austin said. ”For me, personally, she always helps me calm down before my beam routines, and makes me feel more comfortable and confident in my skills.”

Furthermore, Jones mentions his daughter’s positive experience with Coach Estoque and how he has seen Coach Estoque progress through many years. 

Coach Estoque watches as Kelly Klobach vaults. (Ellie Ursillo)

“I had the opportunity to watch her coach not only as an administrator, but also as a parent because my daughter was on the team,” Jones said.

Part of Estoque’s routine includes reinforcing techniques and skills throughout her practices.

“Our practices are getting skills the girls need for their routines and preparing them for meets,” Estoque said. “The girls are all very hard working and easy to coach.”

Because of all of Coach Estoque’s work with the team, two girls made it to the state meet last year, Kelly Klobach, freshman in college, and Charlotte French, senior.

The gymnastics team is looking forward to another season led by Coach Estoque coming up in November.