To the hallway walkers


courtesy of Google copyright free

What I imagine my perfect hallway to look like when I need to get to class.

First of all, I want to start off by saying I understand the social aspects of the hallways. I completely get wanting to spend that short five  minutes in between 50 minutes of boring with your friends. However, standing in the middle of the hallway, is not how to go about that.

When you see a friend in the hall going the completely other direction, what makes you think stopping dead in your tracks to socialize is acceptable?

I’m simply trying to get to my next period class, and here you are, causing a traffic jam. I don’t know when you began to believe clustering with your “clique” in my way was OK, but I’m here to inform you otherwise.

Take your drama and conversation to the side by the lockers, because however important it is to you, the rest of us do not care.

By all means, tell your BFF what happened last period, but please, out of my way.

Not only is standing in the middle of people’s walkways frustrating, but can you please pick up your pace? I’m not saying we need to speed walk from class to class, but walking slower than the patients in an elderly home is definitely not cool. Getting directly to our next excruciating class is not the goal, but you take poking around to a whole new level.

It isn’t a hard task: moving through a school you’ve been in for so long. Don’t make it a difficulty. If you don’t want to move fast, take the back hallways with fewer people, or at least make room so I can dodge around you.

Everyone here is just trying to make it through 10 periods so we can go home and enjoy the night, so please, get moving.

I know, the school motto plaque and beige walls may intrigue you, but trust me, they’ve been there all year. I’m not sure why you thought it was a good idea to stop and look today, but now I just ran into you, and five other people are now tripping over me.

This is not how I wanted my day to go, but there you were lurking around the corner waiting to cause problems.

It may be asking too much, but how about we just walk in an orderly fashion with our eyes on the hall ahead. This will prohibit any future run-ins with people I don’t even know.

Texting, Tweeting, Snapchatting, and posting is all we can do to get through these eight dreadful hours. For how much we use our cellphones, you should know how to multitask with them. Why are you running into me when you should be contained to the right side of the hallway? Let’s focus a little more on the real world, than the virtual world. I know when I walk down the hallway I will send a text or a Snapchat, but at least I can keep myself in a straight line and maneuver around people.

You straight up plow right into others. The distraction needs to either stop all together or be kept to a minimal until you can handle walking with your cell phone in use. It’s time to pick up the pace, and move along.