Girls’ Cheerleading holds tryouts


Elizabeth Foulston

Cheerleading tryouts will take place on the fieldhouse in late April instead of May this year.

Girls’ cheerleading is holding their tryouts for the 2017-2018 school year on Monday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 25 in the fieldhouse and wrestling room.

Most sports have tryouts right before their fall season, but cheerleading has their tryouts during the spring season, hoping to take advantage of the summer.

“One advantage to this is not having a lot of stress when the school year starts,” said Maggie Moeller, senior. “You don’t have to worry about tryouts and can get right into the season.”

On the first day of tryouts, the cheerleaders learn dances, cheers and jumps. Afterwards, they get judged on stunting and tumbling. On the second day, the cheerleaders perform these dances that they learned the previous day in front of a table judge.

“The environment can be very nerve racking and overwhelming. There is always a large turnout for tryouts each year, so it can cause people to be nervous on whether or not they will make the team. Besides being nervous, everyone is very focus on learning the dance and cheer which we perform on day two,” said Jacqueline Dorsett, sophomore. “All the coaches and seniors who judge and teach us the dance are very positive and encourage you to do your best. It helps having all you your friends there to help you stay positive and get excited for the next cheer season.”

Although tryouts continue to be in the spring season, similar to the previous years, there is something new about tryouts this year – they are being held one month earlier, in April rather than May.

“Other sports you just perform what you know, in cheerleading you have to perform what you know involving stunting, jumping and tumbling, but you also have to memorize a new dance, cheer, and chant that will be performed the next day of tryouts,” said Mia Balice, junior.

Along with this change, Cheerleading has a new head coach, Ms. Hoffman, who is looking for Central to have another successful cheerleading season.

The cheerleaders will be looking to take advantage of their summer to train, while preparing for their Homecoming routine, their big performance next season.