Students model new fashion trends

We are in that awkward in-between stage that we all love (60-70 degrees and sunny most of the time) and hate (do I wear boots or sandals?!). I’ve been looking for what is most popular at Hinsdale Central fashion-wise and am here to give the lowdown.

Girls’ Fashion:

First week of school, I saw someone with a scrunchie on their wrist. I thought how unique and also strange it was. But then I saw another…and another. I knew there was a reason I held onto my elementary school hair accessories all these years. Yes, scrunchies are back! It is great because they don’t damage your hair as much as regular hairbands and they make a bigger statement.  You can also wear them on your wrist like a normal hairband but bigger and more ’80s.

Also popular at Central are cute headbands, perfect for making a simple ponytail or messy bun more “put together” or fun. Even though I normally don’t like too much sparkle, I really like the jeweled ones. The floral or funky pattern headbands are just adorable as well.

Converse are walking throughout the halls; well, students are walking in them, but they’re great for a casual pair of fun shoes. They are very flexible – you can wear them with a dress, jeans, athletic wear (don’t have to change for gym, anyone?), or anything else. I haven’t owned a pair personally, but I love how they make an outfit look more casual and chill. I’ve also heard they are very comfy once broken in, which is always a plus.

Bohemian dresses are another favorite. They are so indie so they give you a hipster (think Urban Outfitters and Free People), concert-like vibe. I enjoy any dress that is popular because you look like you tried even though all you did was put on a dress, am I right?

Boys’ Fashion:

Boys’ fall fashion is  all about colored shorts and khakis, Sperry Topsiders, high socks,  and polo shirts.

Pastel-colored shorts and khaki pants are making a splash for the boys who want to show they care about their appearance.

Guys can be spotted mixing and matching the new trends with classic Nike high socks, Sperry Topsiders, and a tasteful polo shirt.

It’s comfy, yet fashionable, and the style enhances anyone’s appearance. Whatever the color and combination, the guys work it.