Stylish socks rock the fall season


As the weather gets colder, we say goodbye to the days of cute sandals and easy flip flops. But do not despair! You probably need to wear socks with your fall/winter shoe wear. And socks can be as fun, if not more fun, than sandals. They come in all colors, patterns, lengths, thicknesses, and materials. Personally, I’m a fuzzy socks person because, hello, sliding across the room! But I went out into the halls of Hinsdale Central and found some great socks – holiday inspired, favorite foods, whatever peoples’ hearts desired. Sometimes they were hidden under boots or pants, but other times people made sure to show their quirky socks off to the world, which was much appreciated.

Google “fun socks” and plenty of websites dedicated to just that come up. Some places that Central kids shop at for socks include Urban Outfitters (love the Kermit pair), Target (one pair says #sock), and TopShop (cute ruffled ones and random grape bunch pair for the win). Pinterest is perfect for exploring the best of the best of socks. Above is a gallery of some rocking socks that I saw around the school.