Sweater weather: how to dress for the return of the polar vortex

The temperatures are rapidly dropping, therefore I am retreating into my cave, and when I come out, it is not pretty.  For myself, when winter strikes it means one thing: sweatshirts. However, I could take some tips from the girls at Central as they embark on this winter season with stylish sweaters.

Searching through the school I have seen the classic button up cardigan. The lengths range from cropped to below the hips. Cardigans are perfect to wear over a simple tee paired with leggings or jeans.

I have also seen the cozy pullover sweater. These can be found in a variety of colors and can be paired with a warm scarf to complete the look.

Along with sweaters, I have seen a new accessory trending: the beanie. I have been a long lover of the beanie! They are great when you are having a bad hair day and double as a perfect way to stay warm. These are by far my favorite accessory for winter and the most practical.

The most daring look I have seen is the large, puffy coat. This style is making a huge comeback, and I am very much in favor of it. These coats can be hooded with a trim of fur or just a simple puffer.

I truly commend all the girls who don’t give into the typical sweat shirt and yoga pants and go for their own unique style! I encourage all girls (including myself) to not let winter get us down and dress for the occasion.