Looking for Lacrosse


courtesy of Brooke Secola

Girls’ lacrosse kicked off its season on Wednesday, Mar. 18 with a win over Glenbrook South.

With Forensics and boys’ swimming recently adding to the sixth and seventh state championships this year, the girls’ lacrosse team strives for a successful season. Since wining a state championship in 2007, the team has placed in the top four every year; however, with the upcoming spring season and the team projected to win state, the team wants to increase student attendance at games.

Within the past year, Hinsdale Central’s student section has increased significantly, receiving the name “Red Devil Nation.” Mass amounts of students are on the sidelines cheering loudly during football and basketball games. The girls’ lacrosse attendance is a little different.

“The only people who come to the games are good friends, church friends, boyfriends, parents, and occasionally the family dog,” said Brett Secola, the new Hinsdale Central Junior Varsity coach.

The HC lacrosse board is taking charge and making a change. Within the past year the board has come together and started to dual fundraise for the girls’ lacrosse program for Cancer and Alzheimer’s organizations. They sold “Fight Like a Devil” lacrosse t-shirts, which were a huge hit among the students, as well as a Chipotle fundraiser that raised more than $4,000 for the program.

The lacrosse players have also recognized their responsibility of getting the word out to the other students.

“I think to increase our student section this year, we have to advertise our team better and try harder to get our friends to come,” said Yasmain Hamood, a Junior-starter on the Varsity lacrosse team. “If our friends come to the games it could work like a domino effect resulting in them bringing others too.”

Adding the lacrosse program to the Red Devil Nation social media bases would also be an easy way to access the student body. If the players’ use this to their advantage, they could see a huge change in their student section this spring season.

“When it gets warmer out, we will definitely see more of a crowd and it’s a lot more fun for us to have a little bit of a student section,” said Mary Katherine Pyle, senior and four-year starter on Central’s lacrosse team.

The team’s first game was on Mar. 18 and was a win against Glenbrook South.