Prom dress survival guide


Central’s prom will be held April 30 at the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier. Below includes a guide to help girls find their perfect dress.

Seniors will soon be heading out for the night they have dreamed about since freshmen year: prom. This year’s prom is Saturday, April 30 and will take place at the Crystal Gardens in Navy Pier. For many girls, one of the best parts of prom preparation is finding the perfect dress, but it can also be the most stressful.

The key to limiting the stress surrounding prom season is to find a dress early, at least a month before the prom. This way, if the dress comes and you hate it or it’s the wrong size, you have time to return it and find a new one before the big day.

Another problem is where to look. Many girls look to Peaches, Windsor, Nordstrom, and Free People to find the perfect dress. These websites offer dresses that range from black tie (Peaches) to more casual (Free People).

Anxious about turning up to prom in the same dress as someone else? The senior girls are one step ahead of you. To see what dresses are taken, join the Facebook group and share your dress.

Ticket sales for prom are April 7-8th before school and during lunch. Find more information about the 2016 prom here.