Running to Glory


Courtesy of Hinsdale Central Athletics

Hinsdale Central Cross Country runners holding a state title trophy from 2014. The team will look to hold that trophy again this upcoming season.

After finishing fourth in the West Suburban Conference last season, Central’s Boys’ Cross Country is hoping for another great season, which begins on Aug. 30.

“Our goals are to finish in the top three in the West Suburban Conference and top [six] in the State Meet,” said Mr. James Westphal, head coach. After finishing fourth in last year’s conference, the boys finished ninth in the state competition. As a result, the team is placing high bars for the upcoming season.

“Some obstacles we may encounter are injuries and soreness,” said Justin Lue, junior. “Our team experiences these every year, but as a team we are able to focus on our [goal], and our coaches support us with enthusiasm and words of encouragement to carry our team successfully through the season.”

Although  injuries stack up during the season, the team has leaders who encourage those who are hurt or dealing with issues, including seniors Blake Evertsen, Ethan Planson, Ryan Doorhy, Sam Fatizadeh, Ben Schneiders, Jacob Belgrad, and John Bynan. “They have been extremely committed this past summer and serve as great role models for the underclassmen,” Coach Westphal said.

The team is expecting a similar atmosphere as last year.

“Running for HCXC is something that I cannot experience anywhere else. The teammates, the bonds, the friendships, [and] the environment. It is impossible to mark any of them with price tags,” said Kaidi Hu, junior. “The simplicity of running with my pack of teammates every day creates this brotherly sensation and communal love because every time I see my teammates share my struggle, sweat, and pain during workouts and races, I strive to work harder, run faster, and fight until my very last breath with them.”

The team continues to have high expectations for team chemistry, and are trying to reach that same level which they mastered last year. Although it’ll be tough, they believe they have the right people to do it. Upcoming races include the “Hornet-Red Devil Race” on Sept. 3 and “The First to the Finish” on Sept. 10.