Alex Choi

pictured above: Cassie Kruse and Jayne Gelman, juniors

Dear people who think they can whisper,

I get very annoyed by you people. People shush you but you continue to keep talking only much softer than before, it doesn’t make a difference. This happens all the time when we take tests. You softly get up making sure you don’t disrupt anyone and head over to the pathetic excuse of a neat pile of tests. You leisurely put down your paper to see if the other person’s scantron matches your answers. Heading back to your seat you making all the noise in the world because who cares you’re done with the test unlike the other 20 students left.

You think is all of the sudden OK to talk because you’re done with your test. I dismiss the talking for a few minutes thinking you’ll stop and realize how horrible you’re behaving. Nope, you still continue to talk for like another five hours. Why? I’m still testing over here and you are making me lose my patience. I was quiet when you were taking your test. I should have kept sneezing or coughing just to get on your nerves.

Finally the teacher will realizes someone is talking and not whispering and say “no talking or I’ll take points off your test,” but does that stop you from talking, no. You just start to whisper, but it’s not a whisper because I can still hear you! It doesn’t even have to be on a testing day. It could be when the teacher is giving some important instruction and all I hear is you blabbing in the back about how you only drink the pumpkin spice latte because everyone else does and you don’t even like it. What? The worst part is you don’t even try to make it discreet. Then you get yelled at by the teacher and complain that he’s mean. Do you even know what you are saying, you disrupted the whole class and not even sorry. Learn how to whisper or don’t talk at all.

While it’s true that I dislike people who can’t whisper and that it can be disrespectful it may be a good thing. Let’s say after a test you’re dying to see if you did well so you turn to your friend and start talking. You either figure out the you bombed it or you aced it. It’s great because now you don’t have to stress about what you got. When I talk with people when I’m done with a test I go all out in using hand signals to make as least amount of noise as possible. Either way you all and even me are being disrespectful to the peers around us. It’s sad because all you fake whisperers out there are disrupting not only your peers but the teacher also and where is that going to get you, a detention. What’s even worse is that since elementary school maybe even preschool we are taught to be respectful and responsible. So, for all you fake whisperers be respectful and stop, and be responsible for your action if you disrupt the whole class and apologize.