Humans of Hinsdale Central Week 2


Nick Seda

The popular Facebook page Humans of New York has swept the web by storm for exposing the uniqueness of New Yorkers, thus inspiring the new Humans of Hinsdale Central.

Nick Seda

What was your favorite halloween costume?

“A skeleton back in 2013.”

~Caroline Cubbin, freshman


Nick Seda

What is your ideal style on a chilly day?

“A sweater, ripped jeans and boots.”

~Alexandria Atkins, senior


Nick Seda

What’s your favorite fall memory?

 “Trick or treating naked.”  

~Charlie Williams, sophomore


Nick Seda

If there was one thing you could pumpkin spice what would it be?

“My lemonade.”

~Riley Griefenkamp, sophomore


Nick Seda

What’s your favorite fall recipe?  

“Apple Pie.”

~Kayla Hoffman, junior


Nick Seda

If I gave you a Jack-O-Lantern and told you to carve anything you desire, what would you carve?

“My dad.”

~Brennan Walsh, sophomore