Humans of Hinsdale Central Week 4: Staff Edition


Nick Seda

The popular Facebook page Humans of New York has swept the web by storm for exposing the uniqueness of New Yorkers, thus inspiring the new Humans of Hinsdale Central.

What is something that most students don’t know about you?

Nick Seda

      “I used to play guitar in church.”

-Ms. Jolicoeur, Library Assistant


Nick Seda

“I like to tournament fish with my husband. I go to the lakefront for salmon and streams for bass.”

  -Mrs. Hall, Hall Monitor


Nick Seda

     “We like to sing.” 

     -Ms. Ford, Bookstore Manager, and Mrs. Payne, Deans Office


Nick Seda

“My brother is head coach of the Loyola varsity football team.” 

-Mr. Holecek, School Resource Officer


Nick Seda

“I took a two month leave of absence from Hinsdale Central a while back to help my daughter through her double-lung transplant at Stanford University in California. She has cystic fibrosis and just celebrated three years. Please don’t take your organs to heaven…Heaven knows we need them here on Earth.”

-Mrs. Sheehan, Administrative Assistant