Humans of Hinsdale Central Week 5: Holiday Edition


Nick Seda

The popular Facebook page Humans of New York has swept the web by storm for exposing the uniqueness of New Yorkers, thus inspiring the new Humans of Hinsdale Central.

Nick Seda

What are you doing to ring in the new year?

“My husband and I are going to go to Canada, so we are going to go to a different country and experience that. We are also going to go to Vancouver and go skiing in Whistler, so think of me skiing down a mountain and hopefully not coming back on crutches in the new year.”

-Mrs. Drown, Guidance Counselor


Nick Seda

What gift are you wishing for this year? 

“A Garmin or GPS watch because I am running my first half marathon in February and trying to prepare for it.”

-Ms. Fish, Social Worker


Nick Seda

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

“When I was pretty sure I was getting my first pair of hockey gloves. I wasn’t totally sure though, so I carefully opened the tape on the box and saw CCM, which is the brand of the hockey gloves. I knew I was going to be happy.”

-Mr. Formanski, Guidance Counselor


Nick Seda

What is your favorite part of the season? 

“Definitely spending more time with my family. I have a sophomore and a seventh grader, and I am obsessed with thinking about all of the things we can do over winter break, especially going ice skating and watching Hallmark movies. We watch so many Hallmark movies; we can just sit there for hours and watch Hallmark movie after Hallmark movie after Hallmark movie in front of the fire. I cannot wait to do things like that.”

-Mrs. Hein, Guidance Counselor


Nick Seda

What does your ideal winter break look like? 

“It looks like me sleeping in late and spending a lot of time with my mom and my dad, who live in the nearby suburbs. Every winter, I go skiing with my dad or other friends. This year, I am going to Lake Tahoe.”

-Mr. Hutcheon, Social Worker


Nick Seda

What are your New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year? 

“My New Year’s resolution is usually to get back in shape before spring break. So, I will usually start around January.”

-Mrs. Matos, Guidance Counselor