The Daily Scoop reopens for the summer


Courtesy of Front Row Friends

The Daily Scoop is a family friendly ice cream establishment located in Clarendon Hills and recently opened for the spring season.

The Daily Scoop recently reopened in late March after being closed during their winter season, which spanned from November to late March. RDN students can often be found at The Daily Scoop as the weather warms up because it is a favorite ice cream spot in downtown Clarendon Hills that many students enjoy.

“[The Daily Scoop] is like a staple in our community so everyone stops by, and I know practically everyone that comes in so it’s fun [working there],” said Rachel Distler, junior and employee at the Daily Scoop.

The Daily Scoop serves 22 different flavors of Sherman’s Ice Cream, ranging from unique flavors such as Caramel-Caramel-Caramel and Milkyway, to classics such as vanilla.  Sherman’s Ice Cream, from South Haven, Michigan, has been an ice cream fanatic favorite since the 1950’s. Sherman’s Ice Cream uses all natural flavors to make old-fashioned ice cream.

Courtesy of Zomato
The 22 flavors of Sherman’s Ice Cream served at the Daily Scoop are made with all natural ingredients for superior quality.

As stated on their website, they did not want a greasy or heavy ice cream, but they also didn’t want it to be too light. This can clearly be seen from the range of flavors offered because with each bite you can taste a balance of creamy and rich flavors with quality ingredients.

“Our ice cream is nice and rich,” said Chuck Kaufmann, owner of The Daily Scoop.

When I stopped by, Kaufmann recommended the flavor Yellow-Cake Batter. Surprisingly, this flavor was very simple, but not in a disappointing way. I could taste each of the ingredients, from the granular cake batter, which added texture and solidity, to the creaminess of the natural dairy ingredients.

The simplicity of the ice cream is what allowed me to taste each ingredient; I could understand why Sherman’s Ice Cream decided to stick with natural ingredients, and why the Daily Scoop decided on serving Sherman’s.

Although Yellow-Cake Batter certainly didn’t disappoint, my all time favorite flavor of theirs was Caramel-Caramel-Caramel. This flavor is a triple caramel combination of salted caramel ice cream, caramel Rolos (caramel chocolate candies), and a buttery caramel swirl mixed right in.

If these flavors don’t appeal to you, many students opt for their other tasty flavors, such as cotton candy or rainbow sherbert.

“‘Snow Dog Tracks’ is my favorite flavor at the Daily Scoop,” said Tyler Cashman, junior.

In addition to scoops of ice cream, the Daily Scoop also serves sundaes, shakes, candy, popcorn, and even hot dogs and hamburgers.

Ultimately, I would recommend the Daily Scoop to any high schooler, or anybody for that matter, because the service is so welcoming. The employees care about their customers and the ice cream comes in both quality and quantity.

The Daily Scoop is located at 9 S. Prospect Ave, Clarendon Hills, Ill. 60514.