Humans of Hinsdale Central: Fall Approaching


Michaela Malec

Fall is here, so in this edition of Humans of Hinsdale Central we went around and asked students about their fall favorites.

With Fall quickly approaching, here is an inside look at how some students are getting excited for the new season.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

Michaela Malec

“Last year, my friend and I were Barbies. It was so funny.”

– Brooke Shryock, senior

What is your favorite fall recipe?

Michaela Malec

“Pumpkin pie is such a good classic.”

– McKeegan Curran-Seijo, junior

What is your favorite fall memory?

Michaela Malec

“Going to Pumpkin patches with my family.”

– Sam Moriarty, senior

What is your favorite pumpkin-related food/drink?

Michaela Malec

“Pumpkin spice lattes are actually really good.”

– Dominic Russo, freshman

What is your favorite jack o’lantern carving?

Michaela Malec

“Jack from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.”

– Piyush Mekla, sophomore