Humans of Hinsdale Central: Halloween teacher edition


Michaela Malec

Staff gets in the Halloween spirit by reminiscing on favorite fall memories.

With Halloween approaching, we decided to ask the teachers about their favorite Halloween memories.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Michaela Malec

“My favorite memory is definitely when everyone in the science department dresses up together,” Ms. Zinnecker, chemistry.

What was your favorite costume you wore?

Michaela Malec

“I was Spiderman when I was three, and for some reason back then the costume had a cape. It’s the first costume I can remember and the first one I have a picture of,” said Mr. Aurich, guidance counselor.

What’s your favorite Fall memory?

Michaela Malec 

“Apple picking at an orchard with my family when I was a kid,” said Ms. Buoy, social worker.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Michaela Malec

“Snickers. I don’t like to be hangry,” said Mr. Chokshi, social studies.

If you could carve one thing into a pumpkin what would it be?

Michaela Malec

“ A scary face because that’s what my daughter likes to do,” said Mr. Kurinsky, band director.