Humans of Hinsdale Central: Freshman edition


Michaela Malec

First quarter ended on Friday, Oct. 12, and so we checked in with the freshman class to see how it went for them.

With first quarter wrapped up, we went around and asked the freshmen how they think their first quarter of high school went.

What was your favorite memory from first quarter?

Michaela Malec

“I loved going to Friday night football games. Dressing up for certain days and cheering with my friends was always really exciting.” 

Vanessa Ivanov

What was your least favorite memory of first quarter?

Michaela Malec

“Uhhh… I failed my math test. That wasn’t very fun.”

Ethan Babaran

What was something that surprised you this quarter?

Michaela Malec

“Everyone here is super nice which is not what I thought it was going to be like.”

Emmanuel Jurineack

What’s a ‘first’ you had this quarter?

Michaela Malec

“My first Homecoming was fun. The dance was better than I thought but my favorite part was going to dinner with my friends.”

Shreeji Patel