Girls soccer seasons ends with a loss to York

On Tuesday, May 14, girls soccer played against York in the IHSA Regional.

On Tuesday, May 13 the Girls’ Soccer Team faced off against York in the regional semifinals. They lost 2-1, with the game-winning goal coming with three minutes left in the game. This game marks the end of the Devils’ season, as the IHSA tournament is single elimination.

The game started out slow, as no team was able to gain any real momentum. By half-time, the game was still 0-0.

Three minutes into the second half, Samantha Guido, senior captain, scored the game’s first goal. This put the Devils up by one point, but shortly after, York scored tying the game.

“There were opportunities, but neither team was able to capitalize on them. In the second half, there was newfound energy, and both teams played smarter,” Guido said.

Marelena Halikias
Samantha Moriarty, senior, makes a goal kick.

The rest of the half was relatively even, with each team trying to get the go-ahead goal. With approximately three minutes left, York scored, ultimately winning the game. 

“We fought hard, and we lost as a team. We were right there with York, but I’m proud of how we played,” said Brittany Doneske, senior.

For Seniors Lindsey May, Caroline Lyman, Brittany Doneske, Sophie Simmons, Jackie Blake, Jane Bibby, Samantha Moriarty, Samantha Guido, and Maddie Lynch, this marks the end of their high school careers.

“High school soccer was the most memorable season, and this last game brought out how much we truly care about each other and the game,” Lynch said.