Dear class of 2021


Lana Jawich

The seniors received their diplomas under clear skies, despite the initial threat of rain clouds.

Dear Class of 2021, 

This is a letter telling you to not take your senior year for granted. As they enter their last year of high school, all seniors think about is graduation and prom and all the memories that come with it. 

That is being taken away from us right now, and it is something that’s not easy to let go of. The thought of never seeing some of your friends as a result of having to go to different colleges after high school is not in anyone’s favor. Not being able to say your final goodbyes to your favorite teachers and celebrate all of your accomplishments isn’t something to take for granted.

Here’s some advice we give you to enjoy your senior year to the fullest. 

Don’t stress about your grades as much. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t study for your tests or quizzes or stop doing your homework, but you shouldn’t keep yourself stressed out for little things that won’t matter in the future. One bad test grade isn’t going to determine your future and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

You have a lot of time to think about where you want to spend your next four years after high school. College applications can be stressful; however, if you start early and slowly work on them every weekend, it’ll make the process so easy and you’ll be happy by the time applications are due and you won’t be in a rush. Talking to your counselor will also help you in the process of making it easier on yourself. 

Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are no longer a requirement for you, this is something previous classes have never been through. It was a really stressful experience whether it was spending money on a tutor for extra help, taking practice tests every week, or reviewing online until the day of the exam. This also means you shouldn’t slack on your grades since that’s basically all your college is going to look at, besides extracurriculars. Use this opportunity to your advantage. 

Make sure you always do your homework, whether you feel like it will be beneficial or not. Homework helps you always be prepared for class and spend less time studying when finals come along. Go in for help when you need it, and spend your time wisely. Homework may not seem like much but it can help or harm your grade drastically, so it’s wise to do it regularly. 

Anna Pellegrino
Red Devil Nation fills the student section with the dress theme of “red-out” to cheer on their football team.

And lastly, make the most of your senior year. When my senior year came along, I thought I’d have my fun only during the last semester since it won’t be as stressful as the first, but that’s probably one of my biggest regrets. You’re never going to know what’s going to happen in the future, so make sure you live in every moment and make as many memories as you possibly can. Dress up for senior dress days and go to the games. This year is one you’re going to forever remember, and you’re going to look back at it and regret how fast it went. 

Don’t take the people around you for granted, make sure when this whole pandemic is over you hug your friends, tell your loved ones you love them, and spread positivity around you. Everyone will remember you and be grateful they had you in their life if you vibrate positive energy and live this last year of your high school experience with happiness. 


Lamis Alnatafgi and Masah Mourad