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Best chocolate chip cookies to replace pumpkin this holiday season

Maya Reed
On Nov. 10, chocolate chip cookies were being served on a warm stone for students to enjoy. In minutes, all the cookies were gone.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many families are now thinking about what they will serve for Thanksgiving dinner. For many, the most important part of the dinner is the dessert.

Traditionally, pumpkin pie is what is served on the table. However, many like me don’t like the taste of pumpkin. I would much rather have a warm chocolate chip cookie after a filling meal. As would Lexie Maine, junior.

“I just do not like pumpkin,” Maine said. “It’s honestly just annoying when I look around and every menu just has pumpkin [items] on it.”

Listed below are four local locations with nicely priced chocolate chip cookies for you to enjoy this holiday season.

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Hinsdale Central Cafeteria

For the past two school years, Hinsdale Central has been serving warm, big cookies. This quickly became a big hit, with students racing to lunch wanting a warm cookie.

The cookies are priced at $1.50 and are on the bigger side.

“We bake them here, they come in frozen,” said Kristin Kasprzak, food service director.

Cookies made fresh are usually preferred, but since the cookies are heated prior to the lunch periods, the cookies are warm with melted chocolate and a soft center. This makes them irresistible to every student.

If you prefer a cookie with a crunchy edge and a chewy middle, this cookie is definitely for you.

Toni Patisserie & Café

Toni Patisserie & Café is a cozy, European style patisserie right in the town of Hinsdale. The chocolate chip cookies are slightly smaller than the ones served at Hinsdale Central and are priced at $2.95.

The cookies served here are not warmed but are freshly baked everyday. This makes the cookies very chewy.

According to their website, the cookies are “a classic favorite,” that “are made from scratch,” and “are perfect for a sweet bite, yet elegant enough for a party tray or event.”

Since this is an authentic bakery, you are truly able to taste every ingredient with each bite. The chocolate is rich and gives the cookie a deep flavor.

If you are in town, this is definitely a place to stop by and pick up a cookie.


No matter where you are, Starbucks is usually around the corner. If you are in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie, this is a great place to go.

At Starbucks you have the option to warm it up or have it at room temperature. These cookies are premade and prepackaged to be ready at any time.

The cookies are priced at $2.75, almost the same price as Toni’s but not the same quality. They are also a pretty big sized cookie.

If you prefer a more chewy cookie with a little crunch, this is the cookie for you. 

Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies have quickly become popular worldwide. They come out with five new cookies every week with very different, interesting flavors. However, there is one cookie that stays the same each week, and that is the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie.

Crumbl is known for their huge cookies that are baked fresh everyday and sometimes even on the spot when ordered. You have the option to be able to get it delivered, or to preorder and pick up.

The cookies are priced at $3.00, being the most expensive on the list. Even though they are the most expensive, they are huge cookies that are made everyday and warm.

The cookies are very fluffy and filling. They are also filled with milk chocolate chips, meaning with every bite you get a sweet piece of the chip.

These cookies are not as warm as Starbucks or Hinsdale Central’s, but they are not cold.

If you do go to Crumbl, I recommend putting a Milk Chocolate Chip cookie in your box. 

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