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Central begins its spring sports preseason

Girls Soccer takes part in their intense pre-season workouts in the fitness center in late January.

As Spring sports approach many teams have begun their preseason workout in order to be conditioned for their upcoming season. Sports such as Soccer and Lacrosse are underway.

I think it’s great to keep up with conditioning throughout the year, because it makes you less susceptible to muscle injuries, which are super common in specifically women’s soccer,” said Emma Murphy, junior. 

It also helps the players keep repetition throughout the year and not just fall right into practice and games. 

“I find them super beneficial, I’ve found it helps me to be more confident in my physical abilities, and I like having a lead up to the season rather than suddenly having to practice everyday for two hours during the actual season,” Murphy said. 

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The soccer teams also do camps throughout the summer so the new players can get to know each other. 

“During the summer we do summer training camps to help the incoming freshman get a sense of what high school soccer will be like, and it’s a chance for the returning players to get together before the new year starts,” said Emma Knight-Jones, junior. 

In general student athletes find that doing a school sport can have positive effects as well as something to look forward to throughout the year. 

“Playing Lacrosse keeps me active and forces me to manage my time. You also meet so many cool people,” said Katherine Choe, junior. “I love it so much.”

It also helps create new friendships between people. 

“One of the benefits of playing a high school sport is being able to form new relationships outside of a classroom setting,” Knight-Jones said. “You get to know a bunch of people, of all grades, who all share the same love for the sport.”

When it comes to Hinsdale Central athletics, the players put forth their best efforts for the games they play. 

“I like having something to look forward to after school every day, and everyone in the girls soccer program at Central is very involved and puts their all into the game which makes playing even better,” Murphy said. 

As for the frequency of the preseason workouts they happen often.

“We meet every Tuesday and Thursday, but most girls pick one or the other to go to,” Murphy said. 

To learn more about the athletic department at Hinsdale Central, please visit this link.

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