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The top 10 best local restaurants to visit this summer

Sadiyah Alam
A chocolate waffle from Melt n Dip.

As summer approaches, the time for fun and relaxation appears. When hanging out with friends and family, everyone needs a chill place to enjoy a nice meal or treat in the heat. Below is a list of the top 10 local restaurants to visit this summer.

Chi Tea

Chi Tea is located in Lombard, and they serve hot and fresh burgers. As well, they sell chicken burgers, coleslaw, sliders and many delicious sauces.

“Chi Tea is a great place because they have halal meat which is great for the whole Muslim community,” said Nabeel Mehmood, junior. 

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Matcha and vanilla bean tea blended with tapioca from Chi Tea. (Sadiyah Alam)

While you enjoy your burger, make sure to have their boba tea as well. Their blended red bean milk tea is my all time favorite. 

“I love the ambiance of the restaurant,” Mehmood said. “It’s a very welcoming place, and whoever I take…always [enjoys] it.”


Stop by this lovely salad place at the Oakbrook Center. This restaurant serves healthy and nutritious snacks and meals to enjoy during the day.

“It’s so refreshing and good when I want to eat something healthier and still go out,” said Lauren Ritter, junior. “I make my own bowl of romaine, avocado, goat cheese, chickpeas and cucumbers added with balsamic vinegar.”

They sell all types of salads and custom bowls filled with organic produce for a healthy meal.

To learn more about Sweetgreen, click here.

Tropical Smoothie

This is an all time favorite where you can order healthy and refreshing smoothies and smoothie bowls. They have many types of juices and shakes with toppings that add a great flavor to your order. 

“My favorite smoothie is the Sunrise Sunset because it’s so perfect,” said Greta Adronokis, sophomore.

Rainbow Cone

This delicious ice cream and dessert shop is located in Lombard and attracts almost everyone who stops by. Their specialties are gourmet ice cream and warm donuts. As well, they have all types of ice cream flavors such as cookie dough, cookies and cream, brownies and mint chocolate chip.

“I love that all the ice cream flavors work together with each other,” said Bianca Holland, world language teacher. “Pistachio and chocolate taste so good.”

The bright and vibrant decorations at the store bring a cheerful mood and vibe to the place. As well, they have outdoor seating which is great for the sunny weather.

Boba Heaven 

If you need a cool drink for the hot weather, Boba Heaven is the place for you. They offer numerous flavors of all teas and coffee, letting you mix flavors together.

“I love this place so much because it’s so cute and aesthetic,” said Ayesha Ali, senior. “Every drink of theirs is a win.”

They also make warm waffles with chocolate to enjoy with your tea. 

Fuller House

Fuller House is the perfect place for an aesthetic lunch date with friends. With their wide range of burgers and loaded fries, almost everyone enjoys the food. 

“I get the truffle fries and the Shirley Temple, [and] it tastes so good,” Adrikonis said. “I went there for my birthday and had so much fun.”

Their ambiance is nice and relaxing, creating a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

Melt n Dip

This dessert restaurant is located in Willowbrook, and they offer multiple flavors of gelatos. They are most known for their crepes that are drizzled with gourmet white, milk, or dark chocolate. The crepes are served alongside fresh cut fruits, creating the perfect aesthetic look for pictures.

“This is the best place to go and spend time with people,” Ali said. “I love everything about this restaurant, and [I] love the brownie skillet they give with their gourmet vanilla ice cream.”

They also serve milkshakes and fresh fruit juices to have alongside your dessert.

Andy’s Frozen Custard

A fluffy and light frozen yogurt is perfect for the summer, and Andy’s offers perfect ice cream blends and sundaes.

“I like the hot fudge sundae because it tastes scrumptious,” said Ella Smith, senior. “I would recommend going here with friends because it’s perfect.” 

Frozen custards from Andy’s. (Sadiyah Alam)

They also offer numerous topping choices for your frozen custard such as butterscotch, brownies, cookie dough and chocolate chips.

Tropical Snow

Snow cones at Tropical Snow in Western Springs are perfect for the summer. They serve vast flavors to pour on top of shaved ice, serving as the perfect cool treat. 

“[Tropical Snow is] such a fun place to go with your friends at night for a sweet treat,” Ritter said.  “I love to get their rainbow cones.”

Sweet Reserve 

Sweet Reserve serves the most decadent and delectable cheesecakes and pastries. Their desserts are perfect for a gathering with your friends, and my favorite is the sweet and tart raspberry cheesecake.

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