Mens’ Fashion: Heelys shoes wheel back into style


Fashion is an ever-developing world, and students are witnessing a style revival. Shoes with wheels in the heels—commonly known as Heelys—have shown up on several students’ feet in the past few months.

Heelys shoes first popped into existence at the turn of the century, only a few years after the birth of most of the student body. Several years after their conception, the shoes became a fad among late elementary and early middle schools students of the mid-2000s. These ‘children’s shoes’ enjoyed a brief period of cult-popularity before the fad died over the course of several years.

But now it is 2013 and the shoes are back—redefining what it means to be fashionable.

Seniors Patrick Drew and Sam MacKenzie were among the first students to repurchase the style-artifact Heelys. “I did it to prove all the haters wrong,”  MacKenzie said of their initial criticisms. And after some early jibbing, the fashion trend began to pick up speed.

“Haters are my motivators,”  Drew said of his new shoes. “Without [my Heelys], I’d just be another monotransportative homo sapien in the classroom.”

The two friends set in motion what has become a massive movement the world of school fashion. Their influences are far reaching and have students talking.

“I love Heelys shoes, man. They’re awesome.” said Spencer Wawak, senior.

“If I could get them in a size 14, I definitely would buy them,” said Sam Saltiel, junior.

Drew and MacKenzie are extremely enthusiastic about their impact on Central’s style.

“Without me, people wouldn’t know what is cool,” Drew said.

“I’m a trend setter,” MacKenzie said. “I do what I want.”

Drew has also offered some advice to peers regarding fashion.

“Figure out what kind of fashion you like, bury that feeling deep down, and buy Heelys,” Drew said.