Cardigans- Cute and Cozy

These snowy days call for warmth, especially with Central’s unpredictable classroom temperatures. Sweatshirts and yogas, as comfy as they are, can get boring and sloppy, but a cardigan can keep me just as cozy in class, and yet tie together an outfit in a second.

I love how flexible cardigans are. Neutral colored ones are the easiest, and usually the most worn. Black or beige should be one’s first cardigan buy and once you have the hang of how easy they are, you can go from there. Cardigans can refashion shirts to make a different outfit and are perfect for getting use out of tank tops when it’s not tank top season. Nobody will notice when you wear that same shirt in the spring without the cardigan!

Scouting out the cafeteria, I found people taking advantage of the versatility cardigans have. They go with any pant: jean, legging, skirts, and dresses. Adding a necklace, however simple, to the basic outfit can make you look that much more put together, like half of the girls pictured.

My obsession with cardigans may also be because of how many kinds there are! There are numerous colors, patterns, and fabrics they come in. I saw senior Laney Huth’s cardigan back and fell in love with the woven look. Aztec is very popular, as seen on Vanessa Moy. And I absolutely adore Erin Boyle’s unique colored cardigan in a bright orange.

Looking for some inspiration? A few of my favorite ways to wear cardigans…

Over a dress (yes, dresses in winter!)

With jeans and a cute top

With a graphic tee and yoga pants…so comfy!