Mens’ fashion: Christmas edition

Liam Jones

Wearing: The revamped Bill Cosby ugly sweater

This sweater – far more elaborate than those of Bill Cosby – possesses colors that represent the complexity and intimacy that is the holiday season. The unrestricted flow from one color to another, with seemingly no pattern, depicts the ragged and unpredictable lifestyle of those who don its beautiful colors. Passersby walk away with the sweater still firmly imprinted in their mind, wondering what, if anything, it doesn’t represent

Daniel Holland

Wearing: The high fashion Santa outfit

This majestic Santa hat and mesmerizing Christmas sweater represent much more than holiday themed attire: these mere clothes are symbolic of a way of life.  Forged in heaven, these whimsical objects of hope, love, and Christmas spirit have journeyed against all obstacles to the center of the spotlight.  Each small fiber tells a story tell of risk and ambition. At first glance, one sees a pair of mismatched and seemingly out of place articles of clothing. At second glance, it’s the standard Christmas outfit.

Cole Meyer

Wearing: The classic Christmas sweater vest

This outfit was not assembled; it was born. I wear it like I would hold a child—with passion, intrigue, and finesse. The pants and the socks complement each other like snow does a Christmas tree. The shoes and the belt flash brown like a dirty snowy road. The white button-up fits like a ski mask on a Christmas burglar. But the sweater—oh, the sweater—is the key component in this statement of holiday fashion. It’s clutch, sharp, and mysterious. It’s dangerous, suave, and discrete. This is the outfit of the holidays.