2016 Homecoming Style: To Follow Theme or to Follow Suit?


Courtesy of Pulse Productions

Students are often faced with the dilemma of dressing for a carefully picked theme or dressing according to their personal style at the Homecoming dance.

With this year’s Homecoming dance being almost one month away, thinking ahead never hurt in terms of planning a look for the big night which will take place Oct. 1 in the field house. As students begin their preparation, a common dilemma is whether or not to dress according to the theme.

For months, Central’s Varsity Club has been busy planning this year’s dance.

“The theme is welcome to the jungle,” said Mrs. Jill Tylk, Varsity Club sponsor.

Starting in the spring of the previous school-year, the club comes up with several themes, and then narrows the choices down to the top three. From there, the themes are sent to Student Council to be voted on.

In previous years, Mrs. Tylk recalls how students are rarely seen participating in dressing for the theme at the dance. It’s often a common misconception because students sometimes feel as though they have to dress for it, but that’s not exactly the case.

“We really try to pick the theme, knowing that kids aren’t going to dress for [it],” Mrs. Tylk said. “It works better with Turnabout because it is a little bit less formal, but for Homecoming, people like to get dressed up and buy a nice fancy dress.”

The theme is mostly meant to be emphasized through the decorations as well as also being tied into other Homecoming week festivities such as dress days.

“I guess it kind of sets the mood going into the dance and obviously it helps unify everything during the week,” Mrs. Tylk said.

Though dressing for the theme may not be of interest to some students, the general response regarding the theme itself remains positive.

“I think it’s fun during the dance, but I don’t think anyone really follows the dress code aspect of it,” said  Eleni Tsokolas, junior.

When looking for the perfect homecoming outfit, dressing to match one’s own personal style seems to remain the desire of most.

“It’s different all the time because I really like fashion. It just depends on what I’m feeling. I always like to look different, I don’t want to blend in. I want to wear something that stands out,” said Belle Logue, junior.

Therefore, dressing according to the theme is often left up to the individual. “Some people [dress up], it’s kind of a mixture,” Logue said.

When it comes down to deciding on an outfit for Homecoming, a simple conclusion can be made: anything goes, as long as you keep it school appropriate. Information regarding tickets will be available soon.