Dear College Admissions Board

When I introduce myself to others, I don’t put my hand out and say “Hello, my name is (insert test score here)”. Because I am more than that, that is not a valid representation of who I am, and you should not view it as such. It is a merely an assessment that shows who is willing to pay thousands of dollars for special tutors with their secret strategies and who the very few are to be able sit in a desk for four hours and bang out question after question without going just a little bit crazy. Ironically enough, you will look at some scores and judge that person when in reality, we would love to see you sit down at that very desk and take that tedious test after being out of education for years and see just how well you do. So please, I am more than that stupid test score.

The same goes for my GPA. There is more to me than the non-existent desire to lock myself in my room every day to get perfect grades. I have this crazy concept of actually wanting to experience being on a team, spending time with my family or actually getting a healthy amount of sleep. But according to your standards, a person who gets a 6.0 and is basically a robot is better than a real person with various views and hobbies to share with others to form a community and still gave their grades some great effort.

Of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that those who do put in the effort and time to get that 6.0 or 36 on the ACT deserve to be accepted. They do. However, those who don’t put it all into school, who try different things, spend time with family, get a job or participate on a team, don’t they deserve it too? The people who are involved in clubs, sports, and have great relationships with others, those are the people who are going to add character to your campus.

Your misleading websites and flyers are the worst. Boasting about amazing facilities, professors who know their subject like the ABCs, outstanding communities, and whatever else it is that you think is just so amazing about your school. You show pictures of diverse students all with gleaming faces and school events with students actively engaged. You use these to reel in students, and then it’s like oh yeah, you need ridiculously amazing grades, high test scores, and thousands and thousands of dollars to come here, sorry not sorry.

When you begin to examine my lengthy application, which took me hours upon hours to complete by the way, please remember that I am a person. I want to be a part of your community and will be itching to hear back about my acceptance, the dreaded waitlist or even declined all together. You’re a school I have told my friends and family all about and I want you to want me too. So, please keep in mind, I am much more than what you see on paper.