Dear people who don’t watch the movie at the movies,

You paid money to watch this movie right. You probably also paid a large amount of money for that food in your lap, right. Why is it then that you want to talk to your friends while the movie is going on? You didn’t have to buy a movie ticket to do that, you could have just stayed at home while we, who actually want to watch the movie, watch the movie! To my right are the comedians who find it necessary to crack jokes during the most important scene in the movie. And to my left… why I didn’t know this was the AUDIENCE COMMENTARY VERSION! I totally would NOT have showed up. The reason I only go to the movies alone or with just my brother is because neither of us talk. We understand that there is hard work that goes behind putting a film together. 

The talkers can argue that they only talk during movies that aren’t serious, such as comedy movies or horror movies. “This movie is just a dumb comedy. You don’t need to pay attention”, they’d say. And while that may be the case in a minority of situations, I’d say back that it’s not only about paying attention to the movie, but it’s also respecting the work and time it took to actually make the movie. Those people worked very hard to produce this movie so that you could enjoy it, not for you to use as background noise for your conversations.

Something else that makes me equally as, if not more, mad is when people use their phones while the movie is going on. Is whoever you’re snapchatting so important that you have to respond in the middle of a movie that you paid to watch? You should have stayed at home with the talkers, because you guys are probably friends. Honestly, if you’re going to use your phone, please at least turn the brightness all the way down because I always feel like that fish in the Spongebob Movie whose eyes burned when he saw King Neptune’s bald head whenever a phone comes on. Even before the movie starts it tells you to turn your phone off, which proves how important it is to actually do.

“This scene isn’t even important. They’re just talking” That may be the most likely excuse for someone to use their phone. I understand if you’re watching a cheesy movie at a sleepover at your friend’s house and you whip out your phone because that type of movie viewing situation isn’t as serious as at the movie theater. It’s also understandable if the call or text is actually important, but if that’s the case you can talk or text outside the movie auditorium. But, if I have to get my eyes checked because I was half-blinded by your phone screen in the movie theater, I will literally make sure you never see that phone again. But what can I say, you talk and use your phone during class, so what’s stopping you from doing the same during a movie.