Dear Red Devil Nation,

I love all the hype that you guys provide for some of our bigger football games like LT and Glenbard West. You make some fairly entertaining videos every time we play LT in basketball, football, and even soccer. I’m sure the athletes would love it, if every game atmosphere was modeled like the atmosphere that the LT game is always at. You people probably think that I’m an athlete for writing this, but when I’m not in season I’m at loads of basketball and baseball games. Trust me when I tell you that there is no better feeling in the world than beating a team in our conference and looking at the student section go absolutely ludicrous.

Then I hear conversations about how people only care about being in front of the stands. The fence that is in front of the student section that maybe 20 people get the privilege of using it. The cold, rusted fence that does nothing but gives you a few more inches of standing room. People think that standing on the fence is like being on the red carpet because you get involved in MYPE videos and SmugMug pictures for their instagram. The fence that symbolizes nothing except arguments between groups of peers to see who gets to sit with the social chairmen. I don’t understand why this “fence” is so important, it honestly doesn’t make you any better of a fan.\

At the football games I love seeing the fat heads that are the actually the size of a miniature note card. The comical faces that are on those cardboard sheets of colored paper actually make me want to punch myself and the fathead of myself in the jaw. I love seeing a picture of myself with a headband that I have on backwards with a stupid frowning face that I make. Those are honestly the only two things that grind my gears, other than the fatheads and fence arguments, everything else about Red Devil Nation is so tight. The confetti blasters that go off whenever the Red Devils score a touchdown are absolutely amazing. Except it sucks when those things get onto the field and I get rainbow colors stuck to the bottom of my cleats and stuck into my spat(tape on my cleats). The music that the student sections bump is also pretty gnarly. 

These are just a few of my suggestions for Red Devil Nation, don’t take these personal, just think about how you can improve the student section. What can you do to make Red Devil Nation better?