Men’s Fashion: 2017 Fall necessities


Thea Sankari

Matthew Lorenz, junior, models some of the major men’s fashion must-haves.

Men’s fashion is constantly changing, and with every passing season there are different trends. However, there is always a set of essentials to have. Here are the top essentials for this season that every guy needs to own.


Thea Sankari
Plaid allows you to look put together while still not seeming too dressy.

Although plaid is not for everyone, a plaid shirt can be worn under sweaters, or by itself to make an outfit look really sharp. Additionally, if you’re going for a different look, a plaid flannel can be styled for a more “urban” feel. J.Crew sells very high quality plaid shirts that, although are expensive, last a while. If you are looking for a more relaxed vibe, Urban Outfitters sells a variety of flannels. 


Thea Sankari
Khakis are more versatile and comfortable than other options of pants.

Khaki pants are the way to go if you’re a guy who doesn’t particularly love jeans. They’re comfortable and more presentable than sweatpants. Getting the right color of khakis can make an outfit look chic while still allowing you to be comfortable. Banana Republic sells both sturdy and long-lasting khaki pants. 


Thea Sankari
A nicer sweater can be worn by itself, with a t-shirt, or plaid shirt underneath.

To have a nice sweater or just a sweatshirt in your closet is essential. Wearing a college crewneck or a zip up sweater, when styled correctly, is a definite yes. They are warm and cozy for the colder months, but still are presentable. This particular sweater is from Banana Republic


Thea Sankari
A pair of nice looking sneakers can be versatile and easy to wear for the fall.

For most guys, having one pair of shoes that is very versatile is the only pair that they need for back to school. A pair of gym shoes can be worn to school, in gym class, and to hang out with friends. A similar pair to these Nikes is called the Nike Train Prime Iron Dual Fusion shoes. 

Thea Sankari
A crew neck sweater is soft, comfortable, and casual for the fall time.

Fashion is a form of expression, and at the end of the day, express yourself however you would like to. 

“I love wearing whatever I want whenever I want, despite other people’s opinions on what I wear,” said Justin Kim, junior. “I like to dress fashionably because the feeling of having clothes you enjoy and are comfortable in is a great feeling.”

Always just wear whatever makes you feel the most confident, because that is what fashion is all about.