Dear Central students,

Dear Hinsdale Central Students,

I really don’t like a lot of you. That does not necessarily mean that you are overall bad, dislikeable people. I just don’t like a lot of people in general. However, I see a lot of things as I traverse the halls of Hinsdale Central. As I walk, I see you do some things that just smokes me with fear and loathing.

Many of you complain about the most minuscule of problems like your phone not being charged or how you didn’t get enough sleep. I understand it puts you in bad position for the day, but complaining about it is not going get your phone to charge or get those lost hours of sleep back. Best to just shut up and plow through the day. Everyone gets sh*t thrown at them everyday, but the best part is that nobody cares because everyone is either as shallow as a plate of cereal or they are simply too invested in their insurmountable of schoolwork. So if you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that the only one that can make it better is you because I certainly got enough sh*t to shovel.

Many of you are too dependent and high maintenance. You depend too much on your parents do things for you such as bringing you hot and prepped lunch from other places. Or you depend solely on your friends to do your homework for you. Some of you just say f*ck it and pretend to be sick so that your parents will call you out of school. All of which just adds on the fear and loathing. Fear and loathing. Fear and loathing. Fear and loathing. Do you even know what these words mean? Or would you just have someone look up the definitions for you? Even this letter isn’t all written with my own words. I’ll admit, like you I’m not proud of what I learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.

You’re ingrates. You expect everyone else to do the work for you upon request and when the work is done, you reply with a half-hearted thank you. How many of you exploit your friends? How many of you siphon your parents of their time, money and resources? But more importantly, how many of you stop in your tracks, take a deep breath, and thank them for all that you have. To be honest I haven’t seen it enough. If anything, I seen and heard more people slander each other behind each other’s backs.

Lastly, you’re all just too sensitive. You can’t handle the pressure. So you moan about it. You care too much about what other people think you. Only the gonzo look at themselves through someone else’s eyes. You turn to someone else to pick up the shattered pieces of your lives when all you have to do is just give yourself the respect you deserve. Grow a spine. Show some teeth. All the people that you envy will start to  envy you if you live your own life.

That’s all I got. Reflect on my words if you want. Whether you do or don’t; I don’t really care. Just don’t say that nobody ever told you what was wrong with your life.



Hunter Belvis