Dear complainers,

Dear those who complain about things they have control of,

Complainers are a unique aspect in our society. Somehow through negativity and bad attitudes, they ensue change. A majority of the time, complainers words are justified, as what they have complaints about are things they have no direct input in, and complaining is the only way they will see progress. But it is not these complainers that I see an issue with,  it is you complainers that whine about things you have caused that continue to grind my gears. I’m not certain you are entirely aware of what you are doing, but it needs to stop. I have nothing against people who complaining about things they truly disagree with, but when you complain about something caused by nobody but yourself, that is where I draw the line.

If you continue to choose to get four hours of sleep every night, please do not complain to others about how tired you are.  Everyone can see you don’t enjoy being tired during the day, so instead of continuing to complain, why don’t you just try going to bed earlier and your sleep issues would quickly dissolve. Complaining to everyone else is not going to solve your problem, and the only thing it will accomplish is bringing negativity to those who don’t deserve it .

It is not only my peers that I see complaining about things they have caused, I see adults do it all the time. Complaints about anything from weather, politics, or even the way people are treated.  If nothing is stopping you from moving to a warm location, do not complain you hate the weather where you live. If you refrained from voting, do not complain you hate who was elected. If you are always negative to others, do not complain when no one treats you with respect. No one is forcing you to do any of these things, so instead of complaining, try actually resolving one of these issues, and you wouldn’t have anything to complain about. 

This attitude is also applicable to life in general. If you never give 100% effort in anything you do or want to do in life, don’t complain to others that things don’t always turn out your way.  The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is your effort and attitude on life. Complaining to others will do nothing to help you achieve success. Yes it is true life can still be difficult even with maximum effort put in, but I guarantee trying a even the slightest bit harder at anything you wish to accomplish in life will make you much more successful. Your effort is what truly dictates your ability to achieve your goals.

There are loads of topics to complain about. Complain about your favorite and least favorite sports teams. Complain about the media. If you feel the need, complain about people who complain (kind of like I am doing right now ). But if there’s one thing I can ask you to stop doing, please stop complaining about things you have caused.

Thanks for the cooperation,

Dylan B.