Dear people who don’t shovel their walkways,

To the people that don’t shovel their walkway when it snows,

During the midst of the blizzard, snow accumulated on the concrete walkway. As the sun rises, the sunshine glistens on it, and each snowflake reflects sparkles. As beautiful as this is, it is slippery, wet, cold and out of place on the sidewalk; please shovel it. We know it might not be a convenience to you, and obviously your time is the most important, but for your community, please shovel it.

As I walk to my friend’s house, I step on your unshoveled sidewalk.  As a middle schooler walks to their bus stop, they step on your unshoveled sidewalk. As a neighbor is out on a walk with their favorite four legged friend they slip on the ice hidden under the snow.  As a friend ventures out for a jog for their daily exercise they lose their footing and take a spill. As a tired parent walks to their train in the morning, they step in your unshoveled sidewalk. As that same parent walks home after a hardworking, exhausting day, they attempt to re-trace their footprints through your, still, unshoveled sidewalk. After all of this, our poor feet get soaking wet. We trudge through the rest of our walk with numb toes and cold feet, while your feet rest inside by your cozy fireplace, not shoveling .

You won’t be fined, and no one is going to come knock at your front door and yell at you because your front walkways aren’t shoveled either! So, why wouldn’t you take the time to do a favor, a service, and make a fair commitment to your neighbors and community members like everyone else? That would be silly wouldn’t it. If it doesn’t affect your life, why bother! All of your neighbors wake up extra early, bundle up, and pull out their shovels to make sure your toes don’t get cold on the way to your train. Oh, your snowblower is out of gas? Well, don’t worry about getting your ass up to clear your sidewalk then. I wouldn’t want you to also consider going to the gas station, that would be too much to ask.  

On a serious note, let’s take pride in our community and property and each other by taking care of the place we call home.  We all live in a beautiful, supportive, enduring community and it is good to show our to care for each other.  Part of the solution is paving the way for our friend and neighbors by shoveling the snow from the walkways  when winter weather arrives.

Don’t be that neighbor. Just shovel your driveway.

Sadie Kapelinski