Dear people who ask dumb questions,

Dear People who ask me dumb questions/comments,

Stop being dumb. It ain’t fun. When I tell people a fun fact about me, they just start asking the worst self logical questions.

Topic 1: I am adopted. Question 1: Oh, how long were you in an orphanage for. Thought 1: Now why is it assumed that just because I’m adopted, means that I lived in an orphanage. I was adopted at birth, isn’t that enough for you. Question 2: Have you ever met your “real” mom? Thought 2: I live with my “real” mom. Question 3: No, your “real” “real” mom? Thought 3: I know, I live with my “real” “real” mom. I have never met my birth mom.

Topic 2: I have a twin brother. Question 1: So, is your brother your blood related twin? Thought 1: How is it possible that my birth mom gave birth only to me, and my parents gave birth to my brother on the same time, and decided that even though they just gave birth to a child, they wanted to adopt one too. It doesn’t make any sense. Question 2: Are you guys identical? Thought 2: It is impossible for a boy and girl twins to be identical.

Topic 3: I have a hole in my heart. Question 1: Are you OK? Thought 1: Why then would I be playing sports and why would I be doing the things I do. I am OK. Question 2: If you got shot, it would go straight through your heart through the hole, and you will still be fine. Thought 2: First, the hole is not even close to a bullet size. Second, If the hole was that big, I would be dead or need immediate surgery. Last, Why would the hole be through the whole entire heart, it is only in one portion of the heart.

Topic 4: My last name is french and kinda complicated to say properly. Question 1: So, you speak french. Thought 1: Just because my last name is french, does not mean that I speak french especially since I don’t have a french accent. Background 2: My twin and I were in the same chem class two years ago and we had a sub. The sub was doing attendance and he read our names. Question 2: Are you both related? Thought 2: We both responded with no and the guy truly believed us. We look alike and even though we were apart, it is obvious we are related in some way.

Overall, don’t be the person to ask the dumbest questions when you learn new information. Take a second to think about it so you don’t have to say it outloud. Please help us all out, especially yourself.


          Madison Charlier