Dear anti-Army person,

Dear anti-Army person,

I hope you’re enjoying your freedom wherever you are. I will always remember when you said you had no respect for kids that go into the Army. Because of them, it’s kids like you that are able to go out on a Friday and Saturday night and not have to worry about your freedom in this great country. These kids don’t go into the army to fight for your freedom, and ask for nothing in return from you except for a little respect. But you can’t even give them that.

I myself thought about going into the Army at one point, and when you said that the kids who enlist simply do it for “people to look at them with respect”, I was a bit outraged at this statement. No, I did not confront you or tell you what you said was wrong, I just stared at you, and wondered why such a thought would go through your head.

These kids don’t go serve because they want people to give them respect or for them to gain some popularity, they do it so they can protect this great country and people like you. Not only do they not get paid very much, but they are also putting their lives on the line every day they wake up, unlike you.

When you enter into the workforce and go to your well paying computer programming job, just know that the army men and women who are serving are encountering tasks much more difficult than the one you will be doing every day, and for less pay. You also mentioned that you have no respect for the the college kids that participate in the Army, Airforce, and Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps programs (ROTC).

You mentioned that this was because they “are stuck up and act like they’re better than you” because they come to class with their military uniforms on. These young men and women are devoting their college careers to majoring in fighting for your freedom, something you wouldn’t even know about. While most of these students are also majoring in a separate field like business or pre med, they are also getting a major in military science, a commitment inside the classroom and outside the classroom to protect your freedom. They are not interested in what frat party or bar they’re going to be going to over the weekend, but rather getting the best grades possible, and being able to fight for your freedoms and liberties.

So, anti-army person, I’m sure you’re a nice human being, and are probably leading a very happy life wherever you are, but please remember what these Army soldiers are doing to ensure you are safe. They’re not asking for you to bow down and praise, they just ask for a little respect in return for what they are giving you: a free life in the greatest country on Earth.