Dear America,

Dear America,

Oh I’m sorry, let me go shrink myself. Being large is a burden in America today. There are things that big people simply can’t do and it should really be fixed. Now I am not talking about those who choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, I am talking about those who are big boned and have no control over it. Now I am an overly sized human being and I use that to my advantage because “I play football,” as many young folks would say. I can tell you that from experience that being big has its pros, but it is also met with many cons. A pro for example would be that I play football. A con would be that a flight longer than 2 hours is like your 55 minute lunch period classes, it just makes you hate life. 

 A perfect example of this is a recent visit of mine to Pennsylvania where I was stuck in the middle seat in the economy section of the plane. During this time a lady about a third of the size of me asked a question that I will never forget. She said “can you try and take up less space.” I couldn’t help but laughing and she looked as confused as ever. All I could say was “I’m sorry ma’am but I didn’t choose to sit here and I can’t help how big I am.” Not only am I uncomfortable but so are the people around me, but I have learned that I can’t feel bad for others because I can’t help it, it’s just who I am.  Another perfect example of a time I was too big for something is when I went to six flags and wasn’t able to ride anything except for 1 ride. This would not have been as big of a deal if I could find information online about people being able to fit on rides or not. According to everything I read a 6 foot 3 inch frame such as mine would fit easily on any of the rides. The unfortunate part for me was that they gave no information on the ability to latch harnessing over legs. None of the rides would latch over my legs because they are too big and there went my 70 hard earned dollars. Obviously this was a huge disappointment because I went expecting to be able to ride the rides and I could not.

Other things I can’t do are things such as go-karting or other fun activities that have a weight limit or simply can accommodate for my largeness. Another huge disadvantage is that many cars will not account for my size and therefore I will be driving a truck for the rest of my life. I mean seriously, who wants to have their head cranked up against the ceiling the whole time they are driving? I gave up the dream of owning a shiny new Lambo years ago because instead I’ll only be dreaming of owning a shiny new ford raptor. Anyone would get a laugh out of me getting out of my moms car, I make that thing look like a clown car, and that is no joke. I dream of a world where all the big people like me can do all the things the little people of the world can do. That’s why there should be some kind of accommodation in a lot of these areas for people that are just naturally big because we were simply born this way. We are who we are and it should not affect the things we can do in life. Just because we are big boned or play a sport that requires us to pack on weight and muscle, we should not be held back. 

All in all I’m seriously just really salty about my 70 dollars six flags, so next time maybe I can get that back.  You owe me one.                             

Sincerely, Pass