Dear kids addicted to technology,

Dear kids, 

I’m sorry to let you know that you have been captured by a disease. A disease that makes you want to stay home instead of going out. A disease that ruins your precious hours in your life. A disease that disturbs relationships with family. A disease that ruins many of your body parts.  A disease that causes an addiction. This disease is technology.  

I personally have been captured by this disease. Ever since technology entered my life, it has been harder and harder to stay away from it. I have spent countless hours wasting my life playing games. No matter how hard I have tried, technology always finds a way to pull me back towards itself. I have never been proud of myself for this. I knew I was destroying my life.  

All the kids are stuck in the same situation. They understand that what they are doing is not right. But they are too focused in their games that they have forgotten the real world outside. Rather than going out with your friends and hanging out. Kids these days find a way for them to play video games online with their games so they would not have to leave the house.

Kids are not the only ones to blame on. Many parents are also to be blamed for the evolution of this disease. To all the parents who think they are being the best parents by getting their children phone while they are in middle school or even younger.  You are making the biggest mistakes of your lives. Ruining your children’s lives. The earlier your kids start using phones and gaming consoles, they will have more time to get addicted to it. Video games are like alcohol and drugs. Once you start using them, you will slowly become addicted to it.

Many would probably be thinking that it is impossible to stop this addiction. But you’re wrong. It will take some time because addictions are never that easy to just be gone from someone’s life in a day. Kids will need help from their parents as much as possible. Parents should be strict with the amount of time their kids get to play video games in a day or use their phones. In the beginning of the recovery process, the amount of hours in a day should be relatively medium because kids won’t just be able to lower their gaming time by couple hours just like that. Then slowly decrease the hours every week. Eventually, kids will find something better to do with with their lives. This could be to focus more on their studies or play a sport. Relationships between parents and their kids will get closer.  

Till this day, my parents have done everything they can in order to keep me away from games. I have understood that my parents will always do things that is best for me. My parents have lived in a life with barely any technology and they are happy right now because of that. I want to follow my parents footsteps and live life the way I want to without technology controlling my life.