Dear racists who don’t know they’re racists,

Dear racists who don’t know they’re racists,

You may not know that you exist, but I see you everyday from political offices to social media. You even walk past me in school. You may not wear a Klu Klux Klan robe, nor have ‘NO COLORED’ signs in public places, but you are still continuing the idea that you are better than brown people. Each time you take a neutral stance on a cop shooting an unarmed brown person, each time you claim that brown people are invading your country, each time you allow laws to be passed that negatively affect brown people, you are continuing racism.

Racism has ended? What date did this phenomenon occur? Why isn’t this major historical event in the history books? Why isn’t there a federal holiday to celebrate that racism no longer exist? It is because that statement is fake news. Even if racism really did end, there would still be a need to protest that black lives matter so you and your friends wouldn’t forget that they didn’t once a upon a time. Ya know society has a bad habit of letting history repeat itself.

And what do you mean when you say you’re colorblind? You see everyone as equal by denying someone’s possible racist experience or experiences? Are you choosing to forget that society has taught us that brown people are inferior? Because if you are saying that inferiority no longer exists, you are actively slapping us in the face at this very moment.

Please stop telling brown people that racism sucks. We already know! We’ve known since humans were buying, selling, and murdering humans while stealing other humans’ land. Do us all a favor and go back to your flock so you can convince them how bad racism is. Talk to them about how severe the damage is that they’re doing by also not persuading the rest of the flock to change their explicit or implicit racism. You didn’t know there were different types of racism, did you?

Also, why are you still saying that word? Yes, you know exactly word I’m talking about. Even if you don’t say it with an ‘er’, it still has the same effect, making black people feel inferior. You might give the excuse that if you can’t say it then nobody should be able to. However, when it’s being said between people who are both racially inferior to you versus you saying it to someone of an inferior race, it doesn’t have the same effect. Having that word said by someone who is racially superior in society,  whether they like their innate superiority or not, is furthering the same racist ideology that was used against my grandmother when she fought to improve her circumstances as a black U.S. citizen in the 1960s.

Oh, and to the kids who post themselves in blackface and have the nerve to say it was a mistake, it wasn’t. You are intentionally mocking black people’s features, features that today are now implanted and installed into the same group who called them dreadful, primitive, and ghetto. And then you have the nerve to say you shouldn’t get kicked out of school or lose your job because of your racism? Well, if you didn’t want to get caught being racist, why post it for everyone to see? It wasn’t okay in those Minstrel shows, it wasn’t okay in the 80s in a medical school yearbook for a Halloween party, and it isn’t okay today when you take pics of yourself in a  charcoal mask and caption it “We’re n*****s now!”.

I hope one day you’re able to meet the side you’ve been trying so hard to hide.



Kristal  Moseley